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[ January 23, 2005 @ 10:58 PM ]




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[ December 29, 2004 @ 09:49 AM ]



henotheism [ December 27, 2004 @ 04:19 AM ]




[ December 26, 2004 @ 01:45 AM ]



maybe you guys will be interested in this. maybe not. [ December 24, 2004 @ 07:23 AM ]




regardless; here it is! and it goes WAY beyond the bible. very interesting stuff regardless if you are jewish or christian or not. it's history.


god this is disgusting and beyond that it is petrifying [ December 20, 2004 @ 06:46 AM ]

this is so sick. http://web.archive.org/web/20021002100842/www.necrobabes.org/perroloco/forum/ccforum.html

Concetta Prisco (6:21:46 AM): do you want to see something very sick
Concetta Prisco (6:22:15 AM): yes or no
Concetta Prisco (6:22:20 AM): i almost threw up
Concetta Prisco (6:22:23 AM): when i read some of the stuff
Concetta Prisco (6:22:25 AM): on this site
Concetta Prisco (6:22:28 AM): just READING it
Concetta Prisco (6:22:31 AM): its not like
asscxnt (6:22:33 AM): okay
Concetta Prisco (6:22:33 AM): having to do with poop
Concetta Prisco (6:22:34 AM): or
Concetta Prisco (6:22:35 AM): okay
Concetta Prisco (6:22:52 AM): http://web.archive.org/web/20021002100842/www.necrobabes.org/perroloco/forum/ccforum.html
asscxnt (6:23:29 AM): what is it?
Concetta Prisco (6:23:33 AM): a fucking..
Concetta Prisco (6:23:35 AM): i dont even know
Concetta Prisco (6:23:41 AM): people come here
Concetta Prisco (6:23:42 AM): and like
Concetta Prisco (6:23:50 AM): i think..
Concetta Prisco (6:23:53 AM): they offer to kill people
Concetta Prisco (6:23:54 AM): or
Concetta Prisco (6:23:58 AM): offer to be killed themselves
Concetta Prisco (6:23:59 AM): and then like..
Concetta Prisco (6:24:01 AM): ..eaten
Concetta Prisco (6:24:05 AM): but the weird thing is
Concetta Prisco (6:24:12 AM): actually
Concetta Prisco (6:24:13 AM): not weird
Concetta Prisco (6:24:15 AM): DISGUSTING
Concetta Prisco (6:24:15 AM): SICK
Concetta Prisco (6:24:16 AM): THING IS
Concetta Prisco (6:24:19 AM): its all true
Concetta Prisco (6:24:21 AM): like
Concetta Prisco (6:24:25 AM): one person said they wanted to die
Concetta Prisco (6:24:28 AM): then another reply was later on
Concetta Prisco (6:24:33 AM): "lets all say goodbye to so and so
asscxnt (6:24:36 AM): The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again.
Concetta Prisco (6:25:04 AM): they left us in a big way and were delicious"
Concetta Prisco (6:25:07 AM): fucking rate limit
asscxnt (6:25:11 AM): ...
asscxnt (6:25:15 AM): lol
asscxnt (6:25:16 AM): wtf
Concetta Prisco (6:25:22 AM): isnt it disgusting
Concetta Prisco (6:25:26 AM): i really felt the urge to throw up
Concetta Prisco (6:26:16 AM): i found it on some urban legends site about this real life case of a guy in germany who killed this guy and ate him but they said it wasnt really murder since the guy gave himself up
Concetta Prisco (6:26:20 AM): so it was a "mercy kill"
Concetta Prisco (6:26:27 AM): and they showed where his post was
Concetta Prisco (6:26:30 AM): its still up somewhere
Concetta Prisco (6:26:38 AM): on this forum
asscxnt (6:27:22 AM): well
asscxnt (6:27:27 AM): people can do whatever they want
Concetta Prisco (6:27:30 AM): ....
Concetta Prisco (6:27:32 AM): kamele
Concetta Prisco (6:27:33 AM): wtF
Concetta Prisco (6:27:43 AM): come on dont you think its disgusting
Concetta Prisco (6:27:47 AM): to kill someone and eat them..
asscxnt (6:27:54 AM): they don't think it's disgusting.
Concetta Prisco (6:27:57 AM): ...
asscxnt (6:28:02 AM): i don't really give a shit what other people do
asscxnt (6:28:19 AM): as long as they aren't running around and killing random people to eat
asscxnt (6:28:28 AM): but whatever floats their boat i guess
Concetta Prisco (6:28:35 AM): ...
Concetta Prisco (6:28:39 AM): im like disgusted
asscxnt (6:28:49 AM): then don't read it.
asscxnt (6:28:53 AM): duh.
Concetta Prisco (6:28:57 AM): lol
Concetta Prisco (6:29:08 AM): its still wrong
asscxnt (6:29:14 AM): oh well
asscxnt (6:29:23 AM): there's not much you can do to change it
asscxnt (6:29:25 AM): just let them go
asscxnt (6:29:30 AM): you're just wasting your energy
Concetta Prisco (6:29:33 AM): i wanted to like post something on there telling them off lol
Concetta Prisco (6:29:36 AM): but im not
asscxnt (6:29:44 AM): they probably get that all the time
Concetta Prisco (6:29:44 AM): im afraid if i do theyll fucking track me down
Concetta Prisco (6:29:45 AM): and eat me
asscxnt (6:29:46 AM): just leave them alone
Concetta Prisco (6:30:41 AM): well
Concetta Prisco (6:30:42 AM): kamele
Concetta Prisco (6:30:46 AM): you dumbfounded me just now
Concetta Prisco (6:30:47 AM): totally
asscxnt (6:30:52 AM): why?
Concetta Prisco (6:30:58 AM): i dont know why
Concetta Prisco (6:31:00 AM): i mean
Concetta Prisco (6:31:08 AM): i dont know anyone else who would have the reaction you just did
asscxnt (6:32:01 AM): oh, well.
asscxnt (6:32:05 AM): i don't know.
asscxnt (6:32:08 AM): i mean i do think it's sick
asscxnt (6:32:19 AM): but i just don't get why people bother worrying about things that they have no control over.
asscxnt (6:32:28 AM): when they can easily ignore it.
Concetta Prisco (6:32:35 AM): well im definitely not losing any sleep over it
asscxnt (6:32:41 AM): lmao
Concetta Prisco (6:32:42 AM): i just had no idea that so many people are like this
Concetta Prisco (6:32:46 AM): i mean it could be anyone lol
asscxnt (6:32:49 AM): you're going to dream of being eaten
Concetta Prisco (6:32:58 AM): lol stfu
asscxnt (6:33:00 AM): haha


[ December 19, 2004 @ 07:05 AM ]

fuck christmas; who's down with breaking out the old pole and celebrating FESTIVUS?????????????????????


[ December 17, 2004 @ 11:26 PM ]


This is pocketbooks, I got a rename token. :)


[ December 16, 2004 @ 06:00 PM ]


Animal abuse. Does the punishment always fit the severity of the crime?

EXAMPLE (video link)

Animal Abuse Cases

Dog beaten with skateboard - (San Angelo, TX - US)
Crime Date: 03/24/2004
Case Status: Alleged
Court Dates: Jan 4, 2005 (12:09 AM)
Case Updates: Available - Click Here
Joshua Benjamin Johnson

Kevin Ward Wright

Case Report

Two San Angelo teens accused of animal cruelty were released from jail Thursday on $7,500 bond each.

17 year-olds Joshua Benjamin Johnson and Kevin Ward Wright were arraigned before J.P. Fred Buck Thursday morning following their arrest at Central on Wednesday. Both were charged with cruelty to animals, a state jail felony. They allegedly struck a dog with a skateboard repeatedly at a downtown parking lot. Concerned parents contacted law enforcement after a video of that beating was distributed over the internet.

They also face 2 previous convictions of serious bodily injury.

In-depth info about the case + UpdatesCollapse )

Ironic how the dog got the death sentence instead of the kids.


[ December 15, 2004 @ 11:58 PM ]


martha stewart.

need I say more?


Heres one for the masses [ December 13, 2004 @ 07:04 PM ]


[ mood | curious ]

Death Penalty,
For or Against.

My opinionCollapse )


application - the friendly neighbour hood. [ December 12, 2004 @ 11:03 PM ]


[ mood | curious ]

Interesting topics being raised. Watch me pose.



The End of the World--somewhat [ December 11, 2004 @ 10:53 AM ]


[ mood | Sick ]

Ok, this is a thereotical situation here, but here it is as follows.

The entire Northen Hemisphere of Earth is to be covered in ice, somewhat like in the movie, The Day After Tomorrow. You live in Northern Russia and the last of the evaculation Helicopters have left your town, the roads are too covered with snow to drive through, and it's a good hundred miles before you reach the evaculation site where the the last plane to leave Russia will be in one hour. There is no possible way to make it there, but do you try anyways? If you try, what do you take with you? If you don't, how will you try to protect yourself from the cold? I want you to answer these questions, and the ones below.

1) - If you had to have five others stay with you, who would they be?
2) - You live in a three-story(that includes basement) house. Where would you go to keep warm?
3) - You have no clue when this ice-age will be over. How is it you'll aquire food later?
4) - If needed, would you raid your best friend's house, after they didn't make it, to get more food, clothes, covers, and other essential items?
5) - What are your thoughts on this?

If you would plan to leave, answer these set instead.

1) - How would you attempt to make it to the airport where they're taking off?
2) - If you took three people with you, who?
3) - What type of transportation, if any, would you take with you to make it there?
4) - You come across a small child that is in the snow. He or she is still alive, you can tell by there not being much snow across them, to show they've been down only a few minutes. You're running short on time, do you stop and take the child with you?
5) - If you didn't make it in time, what would you do?


welfare. [ December 10, 2004 @ 06:14 PM ]

for? against? why.


[ December 09, 2004 @ 02:56 PM ]


Internt Porn/Dating/Sex Is it Addictive? Is it considered cheating if you are married or in a serious relationship? Thoughts on this?


abortion. [ December 09, 2004 @ 06:18 AM ]

for? against? why.


[ December 08, 2004 @ 07:27 PM ]



Since LJ-Abuse basically told us to fuck off, all posts must now be approved by a moderator for the sole purpose of avoiding spam. Hopefully this will work, since there's pretty much no way around it. I also changed it so that only members can make comment replies.

Bleh, this stupid community gives me a headache.


[ December 07, 2004 @ 08:21 PM ]



All right, a few additions/changes have been added to the rules, which can be viewed in full context here. It basically states that you cannot vote, let alone post anywhere, even in comments, outside of your application until you are officially accepted by a moderator. I also added the rule about power-banning so you can be sure that dynamite and myself's egos do not get in the way.

The problems with minuszeichen and dirty_rice have been fixed. I'm sure you all will miss them greatly, but their enormous text hurt my eye sockets. You can view the entire list of banned users as well as accepted members by clicking here.

Also, please stop IMing me excessively about this community.  >:(


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