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Heres one for the masses

Death Penalty,
For or Against.

Obviously this question comes after the death penalty was given to Scott Peterson.
Now, I am for death. But ONLY when there is enough mitigating evidence and NO DOUBT AT ALL! 100% proof that the person did it.
I believe Peterson killed his wife, I think everyone does.
BUT, I do not believe the trial was fair at all.
The media has sentanced Scott Peterson to death, NOT the court system.
I do not believe there was good, if any at all physical evidence to the murder.
The outside of the courtroom was a mess, there were crowds of people screaming like it was some puff daddy concert.
They CHEARED when he was sentanced to death. That is celebrating another life being taken, I personally find it sickening.
I also think there have been SO many gruesome and disqusting murderers tried in CA and none have received the Death Penalty in recent years until Peterson.
Anyway, just my opinion there?
What say ye masses?
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