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The End of the World--somewhat

Ok, this is a thereotical situation here, but here it is as follows.

The entire Northen Hemisphere of Earth is to be covered in ice, somewhat like in the movie, The Day After Tomorrow. You live in Northern Russia and the last of the evaculation Helicopters have left your town, the roads are too covered with snow to drive through, and it's a good hundred miles before you reach the evaculation site where the the last plane to leave Russia will be in one hour. There is no possible way to make it there, but do you try anyways? If you try, what do you take with you? If you don't, how will you try to protect yourself from the cold? I want you to answer these questions, and the ones below.

1) - If you had to have five others stay with you, who would they be?
2) - You live in a three-story(that includes basement) house. Where would you go to keep warm?
3) - You have no clue when this ice-age will be over. How is it you'll aquire food later?
4) - If needed, would you raid your best friend's house, after they didn't make it, to get more food, clothes, covers, and other essential items?
5) - What are your thoughts on this?

If you would plan to leave, answer these set instead.

1) - How would you attempt to make it to the airport where they're taking off?
2) - If you took three people with you, who?
3) - What type of transportation, if any, would you take with you to make it there?
4) - You come across a small child that is in the snow. He or she is still alive, you can tell by there not being much snow across them, to show they've been down only a few minutes. You're running short on time, do you stop and take the child with you?
5) - If you didn't make it in time, what would you do?

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